This Is Manchester United's ‘Thierry Henry Moment’ - Arsene Wenger

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger believes that Manchester United will miss the services of Cristiano Ronaldo, stating the loss of the Portuguese player has brought about a crucial time in the development of the club.

"I believe that they will miss Ronaldo," Wenger is quoted as saying in The Mirror.

"They will find a new balance in the team and [Wayne] Rooney will pop up with 20 goals, or [Dimitar] Berbatov with 20 goals, that could happen as well you know.

"You could say that this is their Thierry Henry moment."

The Frenchman looked back on the time when Henry plied his trade in north London, and compared the exit of the current Barcelona forward to that of Ronaldo.

"When a player becomes too strong in a team, the way of the game goes too strong for him," he said.

"Others are a little bit isolated or forgotten, and when he disappears so many of the players turn up because the way of the game goes through different players."

When asked if the side could bounce back from the loss of such a talent, the manager signed off by saying, "Nobody knows really."

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