Tottenham Hotspur - Manchester United

Moring all, With Utd coming to the Lane this weekend, I thought I would give an unbiased player/ club review, to assess our chances.

Firstly, it's worrying times for Utd with Le Havre said to be reporting them over the signing of Paul Pogba. It's ironic that while his boss (alledgedly) taps up youngsters, Rooney prefers tapping the aged.

Obviously, Ferguson isn't too worried about a transfer ban, as according to the BBC this morning, he is interested in signing a new goalkeeper - Akinfeev, who sounds like a scouser's self assessment of their skills.

Could this potential signing effect Ben Foster? Already Utd's no 2 choice, who'll be lining up against us. He looks like a fragile player, so hopefully this will effect his confidence ahead of Saturdays game.

What else do we know about Foster? He's a bit of a weirdo for starters. While most people his age have Kings of Leon or pictures of Blake Lively on their Ipod, he has O'Hara taking pens! Nano Defoe will look to continue his fine goalscoring form tmorrow.

Right back is a problem, but unfortunately for Spurs, O'Shea is now injured and the big lumbering defender won't be playing there.

Rio is also a doubt and fighting to be fit.

One player probably wishing he was injured is Evra, as Lennon tears him to shreds on an average day, let alone when he is on fire like he is now!

I expect a lot of success down both wings, and suspect Keane will start on the left.

The middle of the park will be a good battle and with Big Willy putting it about, and Thudd spraying it about, I expect us to be stronger than Carrick and Fletcher.

Spurs' defence is a problem - our centre back situation is getting thinner than Rooney's hair, however hopefully King and Bassong will be fit and as long as they stay focussed, then we should limit Utd to just 1 goal.

I expect us to score 2 or 3 with the calibre of our free flowing attacking, so I'll go for 3-1 Spurs!

What does everyone else think?

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