Sir Alex Ferguson is into flora: Agent claims Manchester United bought flowers for Paul Pogba's mum

Paul Pogba's agent has backed Manchester United’s claims they did not offer the French teenager and his parents a financial inducement to move to Old Trafford, claiming they merely sent his mother flowers and his father a book about the club’s history.

United have threatened Le Havre with legal action after their president Jean-Pierre Louvel alleged that Pogba’s parents were given £85,000 each and a house in Manchester to lure the 17-year-old.

However, agent Gael Mahe said: ‘The flowers cost just £20, and the mother felt trust. Paul got a shirt with his name on. It is a symbol, but they felt United respected them.

‘Of course, it is a nice contract but not only money makes a young player and his parents change their country.’

Pogba’s mother, Yeo, also rubbished claims they were given a house.

She said: ‘That story made people laugh in the hotel. Why would we be in a hotel, if we had been given a house? I can assure you Manchester United didn’t give us anything.’

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