Manchester United's Wayne Rooney: Gascoigne I Love, Maradona My Favourite

Manchester United forward Wayne Rooney, the likeliest Red Devil to fill the central void vacated by Real Madrid recruit Cristiano Ronaldo due to his sterling performances in that role under national boss Fabio Capello, has revealed his early footballing heroes.

Rooney has admitted that he used to relish watching former Newcastle United and Tottenham Hotspur legend Paul Gascoigne, and that he also admired England nemesis Diego Maradona, claiming the Argentinean World Cup winner is the greatest footballer of all time.Regarding 'Gazza', Rooney is quoted by Sport as saying, “I used to love watching Gazza play for England. The way he went past players and how he could dribble was just brilliant.

“He was an amazing player to watch. He was strong, he could dribble past players, he could shoot and you could see he always enjoyed playing.”

Rooney continued, “My favourite player is Maradona. I’ve watched lots of videos of him in action and I just love the way he played.

“In my eyes he’s the best player of all time,” he concluded.

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